Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Alpaca project

Each panel has a section across the bottom done in stockinette stitch where I will stitch the name of each animal.
(stitch pattern name to be posted below each square)


stitch pattern- garter-stitch step

You can see that the pictures really do not do the fibers justice. These two squares are not as close in color as they appear here.

" Patriot"

stitch pattern- stockinette triangles

stitch pattern- double moss

(keep in mind please that none of these have been washed or blocked yet.)

and this one is from "Sweet Time"

stitch pattern- bramble

Still on the needles is "Basa", again, no justice in the photo! This yarn is a beautiful rich dark brown that is so pleasing to the eye. My absolute favorite! Next to it is "Carbon Copy" which is actually black.
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