Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Not so lucky Vegas Socks

Having Mentioned my Not-so-lucky Vegas socks, I thought it prudent that I picture them here.

I should mention that I worked at a break neck speed to get them finished prior to our trip this past April...why I am not sure, since I was not able to retire after that trip!

But, in any case, they make my feet look darn cute!

If you look closely- you can see the subtle bead work around the cuff. This was my first attempt at combining yarn and beads and I actually crocheted the beads in a picot edging after the socks were knitted.

About Socks- any sock knitter can probably tell you- they are an absolute addiction! It takes no time at all to memorize a pattern. I personally like mine with plain stockinette against my feet, so they knit up pretty quick. Socks are instant gratification and are just about my favorite form of zombie knitting. hardly any counting is necessary and I can sit infront of the TV with Doctor Who and sock knit away!
And if you decide to knit a pair in a complicated pattern- well there is no huge commitment along with that challenge. And my favorite part of the sock...TURNING THE HEEL! It is like magic to watch it take shape! I think that I subconsciously make all of mine short cuffed so I can get to the heel quicker. Ok- so I am kind of a freak...But I am ok with that.

Having this type of obsession leads to an over abundance of sock yarn, which I decided must be used post haste. Hence, this being my latest pair of zombie knitting! Isn't it beautiful???

I paused work briefly on the Alpaca Project to whip up this lovely bit of Lorna's Laces because I am pretty sure my feet needed them, and well I needed to give my mind a little break. But then having talked to Alpaca Barb, I have since discovered that her Alpaca show is at the end of October and it would be nice for her to have her wall hanging on display there where her animals are being shown.

With only two more squares to knit, I decided to set aside my obsession and kick it into high gear and finish those squares. (Still only an idea in my mind as to how I will letter the animals names on them)

Still- it should be completely do-able, and I work pretty well under pressure.

You can see the color of Basa better in this picture. And the difference between the sock yarn and the alpaca. it always amazes me when I look at them that there is not one skein that has dye in it. You can see to that I actually did some work on it last night ;)

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