Saturday, September 22, 2007

Waste of a day

Some progress was made on both pieces yesterday. Today however was a bust all the way around! My daughter Sarah came over and we were supposed to go to the mall together but we did not get very far in it.
I got real tired right away and had to go home. We were also supposed to go over to a friends to see her new house, but that too had to be put off. It is tuff to be mortal sometimes. The rest of my day and evening was spent sleeping. WHAT A WASTE OF A DAY OFF. I mean, what the hell... I am only 941 years old!!! I should be able to walk through a freakin' mall for pete's sake. (Sorry for the rant- it is frustrating to have to take a 10 hour nap)

Anyway- yesterday was productive, I got quite abit finished on both pieces, well- mostly on Basa. My daughter loved it! I laid out several squares for her to admire and she oo'd and ah'd in all the right places. (This would be my artistic child that refuses to acknowledge her inherent crafy gene and learn how to knit) I have a busy weekend filled with my little Raine so mortality better not interfere! I don't expect to get much knitting done.

This is Raine's knitting project. I started teaching her to knit at 5 (she is 7 now). This is all the further we have got. I don't get to see her much and since her mother won't knit, her knitting stays at my house, when she comes over and we have time, we pull out her knitting- she knits a few stitches then she is off. (she is a busy person you know). Then we put it away for next time. She tells me she is ready to take it home with her but I am not so sure. She makes very nice stitches and it amazes me that she remembers from lesson to lesson (since we clearly do not knit for any length of time here) and it will eventually be a bean bag.
Maybe this picture will spark a stronger interest and we can finish the bag.

On a side note- I just ran across this article about a Stitch n Bitch group in Chicago that was ran in the Tribune (2001) enjoy the article.
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