Saturday, July 26, 2008

Contest at Diary of an Eccentric

Just a quickie post!!
I just wanted to give a shout out for Anna's Contest (at Diary of an Eccentric) for the book Mrs Lieutenant by Phyllis Zimbler Miller.
I certainly don't have the flair of the written word that Anna has, so make sure you check out her interview with Phyllis on her blog!
Anna has a fabulous interview with Phyllis on her blog, and makes the book (which is about Army Wives during the Vietman War) sound very intriguing. I personally don't know if I can wait for the contest results to read it. (Oh I hope I win- I hope I win -I hope I win).

Since my puedo daughter Lori, who is waaay out in Seattle, is sitting at home waiting for her own husband to come back from Iraq, I am strongly urging her to pick up this novel and read it since it is about women such as herself allbeit in a different era.

Thank you Dawn for reminding me thatI have lots of reading to catch up on.
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