Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wax On - Wax Off

WHOOT! I made it to the final eight (16) last night. You can get a lot of knitting done when listening to an audio book til 2 am. Of course, I realized my brain was too fuzzy to comprehend anything I might try to read, so I left the dreaded Kitchener stitch until today. Hmmm I wonder why it is called that...

Anyway, since my little man likes to get up with the birds- I really need to stop staying up so late- I decided to just stay up instead of trying to convince him to go bad to sleep.
What else is one to do at 6am?? Well knit of course!

I must have had the ah ha moment during my sleep because when I picked up the my loopy for grafting the toe, I left my handy dandy Knitters Handbook on the shelf and heard the little voice in my head saying, wax on- wax off -wax on -wax off.... okay, then it said purl purl knit knit...HOLY CRAP... IT FINALLY STUCK IN MY OVERSTUFFED BRAIN!!! That probably means something important fell out of it, but I will deal with that later.
That pesky grafting business is firmly in there!!

Ta Da! Has a bit of an elfin quality to them doesn't it. Probably why I like this pattern so much. And TOFUtsie.. is comfy on the feet. Must be tasty too since Brodie likes to grab and run with them.

Now what the heck am I supposed to do with the left overs?? Always a dilemma for me. I guess for now, it goes to the elephant graveyard.

Oh look, a baby fox on my sofa! I will have to dig out the baby pictures of my other two boys to see if their ears were that perked as puppies. Both of them grew up with the typical Sheltie flop to them, Brodie's used to be floppy but now he always seems to be in the high alert mode.

I did spend a little time on my blog the other day- my only day off during my vacation- what with one thing and another, and Raine visiting of course. I tried to do a little house keeping and spruce it up some. I keep meaning to have a go at Iweb and try to design something fresh, but it is too daunting of a task for me right now. There is so much on a Mac that I have yet to learn, hence the reason why all of my photos are uploaded in mega files.

Much as I loved having Raine visit, I am exhausted, and was happy to turn her over to Auntie Pam this week. Children are definitely for the young... Visits to Mimi's are a must, but in small the child hogs the whole damn bed!

Now to figure out where the heck I left off in the Koohaas pattern. I am hoping I had the sense to stop with the last round of the pattern set, since I did not have the sense to mark my spot.
In the back of mind I am considering my shopping list for Stitches next month. Since I have enough sock yarn to choke a small horse, I don't plan on buying any more of that, I am thinking it may be a year of kits.
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