Monday, July 21, 2008

Chicago Skyline

I have never seen the Chicago skyline from the water before! It was pretty darn cool!!
Not exactly how I planned to spend my vacation, but my niece, nephew, sister in law, Raine and myself all went to Navy Pier for the day. Oh my how exhausting! And Expensive!!
We took a boat tour up the Chicago River. Very interesting. I might even consider doing that again, with a full camera battery. We no sooner got to the locks and my battery died along with my nieces battery. Still, we got some cool pictures and then I used my Iphone for the rest of the trip.

On our way home, we stopped by my place to pick up Brodie so he could play with my brothers dog Charlie, while we ate my brothers homemade ice cream. YUM YUM.

Here is how I spend a good portion of my vaca. Putting together a book shelf and attempting to find a place for all of the bazillion books that I own. Actually, by library standards, it really isn't that many books. I just don't seem to have room for everything.
The biggest cluster is the stacks of paperwork, some of which are actual work work, and some of it patterns, supposed important papers. Now I wonder what I thought was important when I packed this crap.

A few bins of Christmas crap yet to be gone through. But at least it is more manageable now.

I would rather spend my time doing this! Raine is practicing her knitting and it seems Brodie is trying to help, or rather undo.

The little darling has a fetish for jewelry and knitting! I no longer wear jewelry, I am waiting for him to get past the need for yanking earrings out of my ears. And my knitting? Well that seems to be a battle of wills. He seems to feel it is a challenge to see how quickly he can yank it from my hands and see how far he can run with it before I catch him.

Terrible picture of my sock and foot, but only a couple more inches left and I can start the toe. That is, if I can keep it away from the puppy.

Dawn has really put me to shame with all her knitting she has accomplished! I feel like a complete knitting slug! Especially since the only thing I have knit in the last two months has been one single solitary sock! I will get my groove back on. I promise. Stitches is coming up next month and I want to have my four WIP's finished before then so I can feel like I started fresh for this fiscal year. I think Raine may go with this year, she seems to have a tad bit more interest in knitting than previously. Here's hoping.
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