Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sweeeet Independence Day!

Never has our Independence Day ever meant so much! It was my very first day as a completely Independent Woman!! Waaahooo- my very first full day in my new home. Mine and Brodie's that is. I shall miss Bingo terribly, but that is all I shall miss.

Moving day was accomplished with the help of wonderful family. Mine and that crab ass' family. Even tho he decided to park himself at the kitchen table and watch, like he thought I was going to take his 400 pound paperweight safe or something. And he did try to make my leaving difficult by locking the trailer so I could not use it. Until his sister got him to relinquish the key that is.
Still, all in all I managed to make my escape before the day was gone. And not a word was spoken ;)

Fortuately I had my brandy new furniture delivered to the new place. I really did not think I had that much crap! I don't think I could have lifted another box! Today (ok yesterday since it is officially after midnight) I ached so bad after sitting all night at work that I could barely stand. My muscles are screaming!!

The Uverse dude is coming first thing in the AM. I am borrowing wifi from my good friends (formally spousal type's family) who live next door. His dictatorship canceled my email, so if anyone was trying to email me, I will have a new one tomorrow (today).

Welcome to my humble abode!
Isn't that a comfy looking chair for knitting?? I can't wait to be unpacked to I can start my new relaxing life. I can leave my yarn any darn place I want to (out of Brodies reach of course). It was so nice getting up this morning and finding my laptop exactly where I put it last night, and my purse exactly where I left it. And most of all, not hearing a police scanner all flippin night!!

And as you can see, Brodie has made himself quite at home. No adjustment period for him, he walked in like he had always lived here. I am sure he misses big dog too and the great big yard to run around in but he has adjusted very well, so far. He has been consoling himself with a new basket of toys.

Hark ! I think I hear my big girl bed calling me!
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