Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Civil War Days

Brodie and I are settling in very nicely!! Most everything unpacked and now all I am working on is putting together my office/craft room. That is the biggest challenge. A new desk, more suitable for my Macbook than the old monstrous corner desk that I used to have. I am waiting for the eagle to crap so I can buy the file cabinet and book shelf that match my new desk. Then I should be able to finish unpacking this room. 
Wall decor will take  a little longer, but I am in no big hurry. My sofa and recliner are so darn comfy that it has all become very much home to me even without the trimmings. 

This weekend was the Civil War Days that were held at the Forest Preserve. I love these events! Raine was more impressed with the colossal sized sno cones that were on the menu than she was the civil war battle re-enactment.

Of course, having been running late, having to walk damn near a mile to get to the battle, I had one crabby child with me until I managed to appease her with this treat. 

It was so packed with spectators that we had to sit at the end of the battle field. Unfortunately I did not remember my camera and only had the one on my phone.  Another duh moment on my part. And of course, - I missed taking a photo of the deserter that ran straight towards us. Then there were the rebel solders that starting shooting at us once the battle was over.  For me it was a fun time, Raine? Not so much, she was not so interested until we started walking through the shops.

I finally cast on that other loopy sock. Over and over and over again. 
Brodie has learned to jump up on the sofa, running at mach 7. And so quick he is that I would be sitting there knitting, when suddenly Brodie would come flying into my lap, grab my knitting and take off with out barely a blink of an eye. I must have re-cast on a half dozen times this week end because he managed to remove my needles as he ran with my sock. Clearly he is still too young to sit by my side while I knit because he is completely fascinated with it. He is either grabbing at the yarn or sitting on my chest licking my face. Personally I think that is just a ruse on his part to distract me so he can grab my yarn. It took me all week end to get only this far. 

And here is me, trying to get Brodie to sit still so I can take his picture. My little man is always in his momma's face during his waking hours, the little corker.

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