Monday, December 03, 2007

Bamboo on Bamboo

Here is the scoop on the bamboo sock. (Notice I did not say socks-plural)
The yarn is from my crazy buying spree at Stitches Midwest. My goal this year was to buy only exotic yarns, which I did in abundance!
This particular yarn is from Southwest Trading Company (which, actually they all were), 100% Bamboo, 250 yards of color #154, what ever that means. Not an exciting blend of colors but still very pretty. Makes a very even striped pattern.
Softness? In the skein it feels like silk, very, very nice to the touch.
I notices that this yarn does not have the spring that traditional yarns have, and my cast on edge don't not have the give that am accustomed to, but it still fit comfortably.
The manufacturer suggest a gauge of 5 st to 1 inch on size 6.
I wanted a tighter weave in my socks so I knit it on size 1 bamboo needles (because I am still waiting for my Knit Picks order). I live in fear of breaking the needles and I kept stabbing myself with the points, not really a pleasant experience. I got about 8 st = 1 inch on them.
Bamboo on bamboo did knit very nicely and make a nice fabric, but when I split the yarn it was not very forgiving, I guess because it is chained and not twisted. And unfortunately it was all to easy to split with these needles.
Progress was slower going than normal, I am not sure if it because of the size of the needles or the type, or if it was the yarn.
The fabric seemed a little stiff and I was nervous about it but when I put it on my foot it felt very comfortable.
Sorry, no exciting lacy pattern or cables. All my socks have to be ribbed (for now) as I have evil diabetic feet now, and every thing else irritates the hell out of my feet and ankles. Fairly sucks too because I was the queen of the strange and unusual foot coverings! For now my basic foot wear consists of smooth hand knit socks ( no hardship there) and a pair of Crocks (which are heaven sent comfort) or combat boots, depending on if I am working or not ;). I am holding out the hope of being back in the footwear game some day and this is just a temporary situation!

You can see that I am down to the toe and that pesky grafting business. You would think that for as many pairs I have knit, that I would have this part down pat. But, as usual, I have my book on hand.
I think my feet are going to like these sockys. I will let you know how they are to wear in my boots when I get them done. I have a goodly amount left over from the first skein so I am thinking maybe when I am done I can squeeze a pair of booties out of them too. We'll have to see. Bamboo is supposed to be very cool in the summer and warm in the winter, time will tell.

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