Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's all about the Red

This year the Christmas Season seemed to sneak up on me. I struggled alot with my health this year and, curse those physical weakness', it made me realize I could not single handedly move the earth.

I did manage to finally get the stockings hung on the mantle.

And with Sarah and Ethan's help, I got the tree up and decorated, but not much else, I did manage to get the house looking somewhat festive, in one room at least, right before Christmas. and house presentable enough for the company coming over on Christmas Eve. As per usual, I worked both days! Christmas was a big buck day since I had to work 12 hours (oh darn) and rake in all that holiday pay (oh darn). The day after was a killer tho, another 12 hour shift. I was ever so tired when I finally met my pillow.
I did get to see a few family members on Christmas Eve when I came home from work. I was wished a HAPPY FELIZ NAVI KWANZAA as they were going out the door. (gotta cover all the basis, right?)

Santa really surprised me this year. We opened presents before I had to rush off to keep the North Shore safe. It was all about the red this year. He surprised me with the new Ipod Nano, (RED) and a new digital camera, the Olympus FE-280 (also red).

Even the jammas I got were red plaid! LOL

Expecting a slow day at work, and with my few holiday projects completed, my fingers were at a loss, so I rummaged around in the stash bag and Surprise to me...I found a kit I purchased at Stitches MidWest this year for this cute little hat that I had all but forgotten about. The T-4-2 hat. If anyone has this one laying around, get too is a must.
Those Canadians really have it going on when it comes to knitting. I find their patterns and colorways most intriguing. I think all Canadians must come from the womb already knowing knitting 101.

I started this on Christmas Eve, after everyone left. I did not have a clue what I was doing, just blindly following the pattern without trying to comprehend it ( I should try that more often). I have never done shadow knitting before nor have I done this braided stitch either. Two firsts for me. I finished the band on Christmas night. I was surprised at how quickly this pulled together.

Almost done, While I sat listening to my new Santa toy last night, I finished the crown. I have only the tassel left to do and it will be Happy New Hat To Me!

You can see here the braided portion (red arrow) I did a little ad-libbing of course with the pattern and added two more braided sections, my Virgo mind needed to tie all the colors together
The shadow part, ( white arrow) well that was hard to photograph. I must have taken a dozen pictures and this was the best I could come up with. Can you see the diagonal stripes at this angle? What a great pattern, I think I am going to make another one. It actually gives you a choice of fair isle band or the shadow band.

Quite fun, and the best part is that it was all about me!

I hope everone else and a Wonderful Christmas too!!

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