Thursday, December 06, 2007

A little this and a little that

The work monster had it's evil grip on me over the weekend, the Friday thru Monday part of the weekend that is, so no quality time was spent with anything but my laptop. Fun project with a short deadline, but still work none the less.
Tuesday was my day off which started with a conference call / webinar (more work stuff) but once that was over the fun started.

I was surprised my by an early morning visit from my daughter with my pseudo daughter in tow. WOO HOO! Lori has flown out from Washington to spend her 21st birthday with family and friends!!! I'm thinking along the lines of a night out at the Sugar Shack for her birthday ;) She looks TERRIFIC! It was so good to see her happy, when she first went out there she was very unhappy, but now that she and her new husband are in their own place, everything seems to be falling into place. Well at least until Kasey gets deployed in April.

As you can see Bingo is a happy boy too. We went for our weekly vet visit and they decreed he could have his bandages off! YAY!!!! And look...he still has hair on his head! He still has stitches in his ears but he doesn't have to go back for three whole weeks. Now I can clean the inside of my truck and de- paw print and de- fur it and remove the puppy nose prints from the windshield. Hmmm Maybe I should ask Santa for some seat covers.

A little winter weather advisory happened on Tuesday too. Mild blizzard conditions started while we were at the vet's. I am on of those freakish people that love this kind of weather. The more snow the more I like it. (it is the sub zero weather I hate)

So after the vet visit I drove over to the local P.A.D.S (homeless) site in the next town over (yes- in the severe weather) and dropped off my meager donation of 12 hats and 6 scarves, along with the new baby clothes someone had dropped off at the PD. Then I drove over to the Library to donate a crap load of books I had been hoarding. Out of the three bags full, one of them was all crafty books.

Here is Lori with the girls' shopping booty, wearing the hat and scarf that I made for her.

I love coming home from work and finding packages waiting on the table for me.
My mail lady brought me this nice package of yarn- Isn't she wonderful!! 4 skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepard Sock yarn in Charcoal, for that last minute gift I decided was a must. (still waiting for my Knit Pick's order- it is probably in my mailbox but I did not want to dodge the traffic and cross the road to find out).

So Wednesday after a hard day of panic Christmas shopping I dragged out my two favorite toys and set to work winding yarn so that it is ready as soon as I finish Bamboo socky #2.
Which I plan on doing tonite after work.

I love solids that are not quite solid don't you?

Here is where I am at with the Bamboo socks. Socky #2 is almost done. I am down to the toe. As you can see I was not able to match the stripes. The two skeins are vastly different in that regard. I attempted to match them but the dark blue sections were much longer on the second skein and that was so not going to happen. No big deal in that, since I am a little off beat, so therefore should be my socks!.

The first skein had a knot in it. I was none too happy about that but I decided not to mention it in my last post. But one I got to the second skein... well, the second skein had not one but two knots in it. That is my biggest pet peeve when it comes to yarn. Nothing pisses me off more than to find a knot in the yarn while I am knitting. I had to stop, untie it and then continue with the new end. Just what I wanted...more ends to weave in! Then it happened again on the heel gusset! Grrrrr!
You would think that for the amount of money I paid for this fancy smanchy yarn that it would be all in one piece and not three!!!
Don't get me wrong. I still like the yarn but it just erk's me no end when I find it has been knotted.

Dawn asked How many stitches I cast on for these socks. 56 , it is the same amount I used with the size 2's. I was a little bit nervous about it since these were done on needles one size down. and considered that I might need more stitches or they would be too small, but they turned out fine. Socky #1 looks a wee bit bigger than socky # 2 but that is because I had to take it off my foot for the picture...hehe.

I still haven't worked on the bag, ok- I guess I have been a wee bit busy lately- but until I get the bag and the surprise socks finished I will not be able to relax. Plus- now I will have to force myself to go Mall shopping next day off to finish X-mas shopping since I could not find everything I was looking for this week. Not really looking forward to it - I don't like the holiday crowds, so I usually try to avoid it whenever possible. There were so many people out in the stores on Wednesday I am beginning to wonder if anyone has a normal 9-5 job anymore.

My Blog is Possesed!

Do you ever have one of those days where it takes you three times as long to finish a post because of some wonky stuff going on in Blogger-ville? Today is one of those days. I write, I spell check, I preview and then, BAM. All of a sudden Blogger has decided to add some weird-ass html code and shrinky dink everything I just wrote. Then in trying to fix it, I loose two of my pictures. WTF!!!
Not the first time this kind of thing has happened. Does anyone else have that problem? Or is it just me. Sometimes it seems like Blogger is playing a practical joke on me.

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