Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wimpy Wimple

Recent conversation with my dad.

Dad- " I think this cottage cheese might have had it"

Me- "Well don't eat it if it is not good. "

Dad- " Oh I'll eat it, it is not bad" 

Me  silently -Okaay

Dad- "I bought it at Walmart"

"but it is a Kraft product and I'm not going to buy it again"

Me-" Why is that, you don't like Kraft products?"

Dad- "Well it's all they seem to carry at Walmart"

Me- "Whats wrong with Kraft"

Dad- "It's just not the same as what you get from the dairy."

and I'm thinking to myself- you haven't had anything from a dairy in probably more than 40 years, why is that an issue now??.

I have many such moments as these.

This is the progress I have made on my Wimpy Wimple so far.

 It is pretty slow going because of that whole counting thing, you all know how I LOVE that! But I have managed to get through the repeat and have started the second. Lace is definitely not my forté but I am determined to overcome my handicap. The weight of the yarn is just about right for knitting in the tropics, lace weight, not heavy enough to to be uncomfortable (under the fan of course) while I work. I am determined also to finally finish this project, it has been sitting on the shelf long enough! 

Besides- all of my other current projects retain waaay too much heat, and I'm kinda waiting for it to be a little less tropical before I start working on them again.

May-be I'll visit the pool first today (I haven't been there yet), then knit later. Yeah..that's it.

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