Monday, October 03, 2011

Got my toes in the water...

And my ass in the sand.         Thank you Jessie for making that song stuck in my head!

Somebody told me the other day that I look like a Floridian. What exactly does that mean?? What? I'm fat? Ugly? Dress funny? Frizzy Haired (hehe)... Okay, I am guessing they are referring to that perpetual mango-ey color my skin has now become from my frequent "day off at the beach" sojourn. 

Some people call it red but I like to call it son's word, I used to call it apricoty. I'm trying to be careful with my skin so I don't end up wearing shoe leather on my face. That would be a serious tragedy!

My friend Rick, back home thinks I spend all of my time there, All of his phone messages start with " are you at the beach?".  But the reality is maay-be once a week is about all I go.  

The other day there was a guy who was flying a kite at the beach. Now I have seen people fly kites but never quiet like this. This kite had two strings and two handles.

Kite Dude was would let the kite fly high in the sky then swoop, low over the water and just make it hang there.

Pretty dern cool to watch while I walked in the surf and tried to take pictures.

It was kind of funny to see how the "real" birds reacted to the kite bird. They didn't like this large "bird" so much.

This is Kite Dude, playing with his bird and getting in the way of my sailboat shot.

More Kite Dude getting in the way...

Since I couldn't keep Kite Dude out of my picture  I finally decided to crop him out! 

However- after taking another look, I thought to post this original just because I think it looks kinda cool.

Here is the sun hat I keep thinking I am going to work on while I sit on the beach...Oh yah, like that was really going to happen! I keep bringing it and thinking about it. Sometimes I may even crochet a couple of stitches.

But then I realized I had this birds nest and said Eff it and put it away.

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