Saturday, September 24, 2011

Brodie's dirty little secret.

So -Getting ready for work the other day, I am standing in my blue work shirt half dressed (please don't visualize that part) and decided I should probably lotion my legs before putting my pants on. I grab the lotion and I go to pump it from the bottle, completely miss my hand and spews all over what was a clean work shirt!!  Just Flippin' Great! Here I am, pushing the envelope for time already and I have to change into another blue work shirt!! And first...I have to find one not in the laundry!!

My dog has a fetish for lotion, he tries to lick the lotion from my skin *shudders* or he licks it from the floor if I drop some *shudders again*. It is very unfortunate but I can't seem to break him from the habit of licking lotion. Yuk I know but there it is. Never fails, just when I think I have him broken from the habit, I come home to find current lotion bottle on the floor with Brodie's little teeth marks in it. Double yuk! Maybe it's a way of marking his territory- he only does it once per bottle.

This makes it a wee bit difficult to pump lotion, it tends to go it's own direction. Memories...he is making memories for me. Yeah... that's it.

Anyway, how could I stay mad at a face like that!

I haven't been completely idle since I have been in the tropics. I had this pedi sock on the needles when I left Chicago. Easy ribbed pattern and I stopped just short of my toes ( I think this is a Lorna's Laces yarn, but lost that particular label long before the move) This one is also cousin to the yoga socks I made but probably never blogged about. I finally decided it was cool enough to knit the other night and finished it the other night.

Of course when I went to cast on the second sock I discovered the other ball of yarn disappeared into a black hole. So for now, I guess I'll have to hop around on one foot.

Said cousin yoga sock...Sarah's foot. Same mystery yarn. Better picture. Looking like she's hopping on one foot.

Comments always welcome :-)

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