Sunday, January 25, 2009

Commuting fun

Saturday was a fun filled day of keeping up with a 9 year old. First we road the train into the city. I tried to annoyed Raine as much as possible by taking her picture every time she turned around. I let her take a few of her own too.

We went to the Museum of Science and Industry for her birthday and Raine got her first look at the U-505 Submarine. Unfortuantely the tickets to go inside were sold out and she did not get to see what it was really like inside. But there was plenty of gadgets for her to mess with.

She got to play on an old time trolley car.

And a Gianormous John Deere Tractor.

And play with trains. Of course after the over priced taxi ride back to the train station, waiting an hour for the train home, we were both bushed! Raine snoozed on the train ride home and I nearly snoozed. After eating dinner and dropping her off at home, I crashed and burned myself. 

I added this picture of Brodie just because he has been blog neglected, and just because he is so darn cute! And actually.. I'd say the blog itself has been neglected. 

I worked on my BBB course and have started swatch #4. I plan to do all my end weaving and blocking when I have finished the last swatch for this lesson. 

I have no clue how many lessons there are in this course since Adrena sends them to you one at a time with your swatch evaluations, but so far I would say it is worth the cost of the course. I can't wait til I can move onto the next level.

My Holly Berry cardi had to take a back seat since I was, A) too stupid and B) somehow managed to loose the only copy of the instructions. Ann at PW is great! I shot her an email telling her what an IDOT I was and she promptly sent me a new copy of the instructions at no charge.

Swatching has been about all I could handle right now anyway.  I am back on noons for the next couple weeks so I should be in a knit/blog routine again for a little while.
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