Saturday, January 10, 2009

I am a knitting Fool!


Oh yah! I am going to get sooo much knitting done while I'm shift!! Yah Right! Between the switch from semi normal living to the lifestyle of a vampire, and the 12 hour shifts I have been bombarded with during the last two weeks I find that I have no higher brain function what so ever and can only manage the most basic tasks. Straight knitting in the round is the only thing that I can seem to manage at this particular time.

Hence...the only picture I have to show you is this one of my sleeve. And now that I am at the next phase of the sweater I find that I cannot comprehend the instructions and I am waiting for some nice person from Ravelry to explain it to me in words that my feeble mind can understand.

We have lots lots more snow, but no pictures because, this week, that too requires higher brain function.

Brodie seems to be adjusting to the change in schedule better than I am, but then he does have a dogs life. I think we are now at the stage where I can throw all of his toys into the bedroom and close the door and let him have at it while I sleep without any mischief.  That was not the case last week...there was all kind of mischief while momma slept. He seems to be over his little snit now, and when I work the 12's either his cousin Jay or Auntie Kelp and Uncle Twig will rescue him for a while to let him potty and play. 

How many days does it take to write a blog post? Well for me this week I think it was at least 3.

Two more nights and I can enter the real world again-at least for a couple of days.

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