Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Week Fun

Halloween Week has been pretty busy for me! I take these days off because they are maniacal for me, that and this is my favorite holiday!

Most of Tuesday and Wednesday were spent prepping for Halloween. Tuesday I visited with my daughter and her fiance, the we had to go to Circuit City to buy her birthday/Christmas prezzie...a new laptop! This will be Sarah's first new computer, she has had my old cast off for about 7 years, time to bury it I say! I got a good deal, and since I still owed her a birthday present, I just combined them, and yes gave it to her early.

And I can't forget my niece Gina, who is pretty in her own pink. She just bought her first computer ever- and came over to Auntie for help turning it on...hahaha
Now she is all set with her own stuff on her own computer with her own Itunes. I am going to miss those late nights with her putting music on her IPod.

I was also busy prepping for Berni's web site...a first for her too! I got a text from her on Saturday that said "will you help me?" DUH! Of Course. Not that I really know what I am doing...LOL. But I gave it my best shot.

Wednesday I played Paparazzi at Nails Under the Sun (N.U.T.S. for short), snapping pictures as soon as I pulled into the drive.

(On the Pink Front- Berni and Nikki have extended the pink hair gig. Last night she told me they had over $8000 raised so far!)

Then, Bingo (gratuitous pet photo) had to be run to the groomer and came back with his own Halloween decor (which his father promptly took off of him as soon as he got home from work).

He is such a good boy, look how nicely he sits in the truck. Cracks me up when the seat belt alarm dings while he sits there.

Raine and Sarah get two trick or treat days. They went on Sunday over by Papa Pete's house. and on Halloween, over at Auntie Donna's. Donna's neighborhood is awesome! Everyone is in the spirit, with the elaborate decorations, and the best treats! We all get such a kick out of trick or treating on the island too, only 3 houses there but it is worth the walk! Raine was a little freaked about the bridge again this year, thanks to Aunt Tammy shaking it ( her annual Halloween Trick). I was the Grim Reaper by the way - sorry no picture- we actually forgot to use the camera.

Greg's, first time pumpkin carving... can you imagine? 28 years old and never carved a pumpkin? He obviously has been deprived as a child.

Now for how I spent my entire day yesterday....

I did not mean to spend the whole day working on this but I got so involved, that the next thing I knew, it was 3 pm, then, 7 then, woo hoo, we went LIVE last night around 8!

Bernis came over to look ( she does not have a computer), and told me she was ready to cry..."I'm a dot com" she said. She really was ready to cry too. I maintain the web site at work, but this is the very first time I have ever build one from the get go...thank goodness for templates, but even with that help it was not as easy as I thought it would be. I think it turned out pretty nice, still some work to do on it, but ready for the public.

Even with all that going on I did manage to finish another hat.

Yippy- today I get to catch up my housework, double yuk!!

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