Monday, September 20, 2010

No Idle Hands

Even though I have not been blogging, my hands have not been idle. I have not been as productive as I might have been, but non the less, I do have something to show for my current absenteeism.

This is from Clara Parkes' One- Skein Shawl pattern. I followed her basic shawl pattern and added more repeats at the border. You know me...always gotta change up something.

The picture never seems to do the colors justice! This "mystery yarn" is from Stitches Midwest a couple of years ago. I want to say it was about a 1000 yards or some craziness like that. I still have tons of it left. Pre-wound photo here. Naturally I have lost the label so I only have a vague idea of the weight. I'm gonna go with that cobwebby lace weight!

I also finally finished the Van Ness Scarf. This was supposed to be a quick use of a couple of stray balls of alpaca...emphasis on quick... Riiiiight!

A couple more pictures of Niagara, for your viewing pleasure. This is the Horseshoe Falls up close and personal! This I believe was the last picture I was able to take before I had to ditch my camera under my poncho to save it from being wet! Hindsight of course makes me realize that I could have taken pictures through the transparent blue poncho. Duh, would have made for some interesting pictures. I believe at this point in the boat ride we were actually in Canada.

Raine on the phone with her mother of course...blah,blah blah ,blah blah...blah blah!

Scariest rapids in the world...'most deadly' I believe is what the guide told us!

I did a couple more pattern uploads to Ravelry this past week. Easy Peasy Charity Hat (PDF download), which is also free here on my blog, and Petunia Socks.

I am proud to say, Easy Peasy seems to have generated a good amount of interest!
Next time- I'll sneak ya a peak at some other stuff completed while I was away.

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