Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas is a time for Friends!

Y'all know how TN Dawn saved my rear when she sent me the NSG #8...Bless her heart, and here is the finished project! I got the hat finished and decided the fishnet sarf I had been working should go to the same person ;)
'Cept Dawn was overly generous with her scosh of yarn that I now have to figure out what to make with the rest of it!!

Project Scoop
Pattern - Beret- had to wing this one and hope for the best!
Yarn- Noro Silk Garden #8
Needles size 7

Pattern- Fishnet Scarf - winged this one too!
Yarn- Noro Silk Garden Sock Yarn #S301
Needles...erm maybe a size 6?

Then, unbeknownst to her, CA Dawn gave me a great idea for a last minute gift to throw in the bag with the slipper gift. My friend at work loooves her Starbucks, so I asked one of the boys to use his considerable charm on the Batista's at our local SB and procure an empty grande cup for me. MMP looked at me and said " You're going to knit a coffee sleeve aren't you?" MMP thought I was going to do them in alpaca...I did not burst his bubble.
Dawns are crocheted and absolutely adorable of course, and I think thicker than these are. TG for friends with great ideas and extra yarn!

Project Scoop
Pattern- Another wing job, took me several tries to get the size right in the end.
Yarn- Left over Cotlin I had laying around
Size 5 DPNS

Here are the happy little packages ready to go to work with me last night.

As far as being in the Christmas spirit, this pretty much covers it. The only decoration I managed to put up was the Fireman Nutcracker I got from JT at work.
That Boy was over the other night, wandering around the house and said "Mary...(cuz he thinks it is cute to call me Mary), where's all your Christmas stuff?" "Under the stairs" I answered, cuz isn't that where we all keep out Christmas stuff this time of year? He just shook his head because he knows I usually deck the place out. I just wasn't in the mood to drag everything out this year. It seemed like I just got the house unpacked and I couldn't face the thought of doing all that extra work. It was hard enough to get the cards into the mail.
Next year, there is always next year...right?

Now to get the rest of the Christmas presents wrapped. Yikes!
Note to self....start earlier next year!

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