Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Joy of the Christmas Card Photo

To start with... Dawn thank you for saving my butt!!

Just as I was about to put out an APB on Ravelry for a scosh of NSG #8, I get a message from Dawn, who just happened to have some leftover yarn.
Hallelujah, Dawn to the rescue!!!!
You know how it is when you put something away in a place you will remember it to keep it "safe", then when you want it you can't find it anywhere??? That is what happened with the beret. I put it away for "safekeeping" then looked high and low for the darn thing. Finally I found it this evening ( I coulda have been done by now) in Raine's knitting bag!!

The other day I got the terrific package in the mail from her, not only was the yarn there (yay) but also some Christmas goodies to include the cutest little Mr Snowman and Jingle Bells stitch markers (more yay). Dawn remember to tell you alittle story about that later.

Yesterday I took little man Brodie to the doggie parlor so he could get a new "do" for his Christmas photos. Normally as you know, he loves the camera and thinks he should be in every picture. That was not the case yesterday. I bought him the cutest little Christmas hat for his photo. I thought he looked adorable....Brodie? Not so much! We did get exactly two good pictures to use for our cards.

But pretty much the rest of them looked like this! He would not look at me to save his soul. More than a little upset that I made him wear the silly hat I am thinking. Not even laughing and blowing kisses would change his mind. And finally... Then little Elf Slippers (Rav link)are finto! It seemed like it took forever to get them to felt, curse of the front loading washer. Even with with dryer balls and a bath towel in there with them it took about 6 washings. At least I was saving energy with each

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