Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Brodie!

Hard to believe that this cute little furball...

...Is now this handsome little man only 1 year later!

Yesterday was Baby Brodie's first birthday! And to herald his birthday, Mother Nature let loose one last hooray (hopefully) in a white out blizzard after lulling us all into thinking spring was here. I think we ended up with something like 6 inches of snow, which is nearly gone today. Brodie was in doggie heaven playing in the white stuff. He sure has a fondness for it. We celebrated his birthday with some stinky canned dog food and hours and hours of Frisbee fun. Truthfully, the boy never stops with that damn Frisbee.

I finally got around to weaving the ends today and taking a picture of the one and only placemat that I finished last week. Not blocked yet but I think it turned out ok. Another item to be packed away for the new place (if I ever find one).

Here is the specs:
Pattern- well, that was made up on the fly. Cast on 87 stitches, stockinette stitch, with a seed stitch border. 16x11 inches
Yarn : Knit Picks CotLin in Swan 1.5 skeins
Needles size 4

The size 4's made and nice tight fabric, but seemed forever on the needles.

Another only project here...that seems to be the theme this year.  Just a plain ribbed sock in Bamboo from SWTC. I love the bamboo for summer, and I love the mindless knitting, makes for a great sneak to work project. Now that things have settled down a bit at work, I have a little more time on  my hands and have been able to knit a wee bit on the low down. 

I guess technically it is not a true only- I did cast on number 2 today, but then again, I have had that second Tidal Wave on the needles for a long time and it is still not done. I did work on that today while I listened to yet another Jo Goodman tale, "Beyond a Wicked Kiss". It is a good sexy historical tale with quite a bit of intrigue.  It did get a little distracting a few times and I had to rip back a row a couple of times when I lost count. But I managed to make some headway.

Taking a break from all that knitting, I decided that I needed to make use of my table before I give it to the kids. I set up my swift and started winding balls. I had just gotten to the fifth hank of yarn when horrors of horrors...
A little itty bitty piece of wood came off my swift. Who woulda guessed that tiny piece of wood could bring my productivity to a stand still! Can you see it in the picture??? It is so freakin small it is barely there! And yet, it apparently played a major roll in holding the bolt in place when you adjust it. I kept trying to make the yarn taut, but the bolt just wouldn't stay. Luckily my Mr. Fix It friend came over and fixed it for me, maybe, I haven't actually tried it yet but the little wooden piece is back where it belongs. 

I did get some hopeful, sorta, news about my cousin. He is not taking the doctors diagnosis lying down. He got a call from some treatment place in Atlanta, and went for some holistic cleansing. He is planning on getting healthy no matter what it takes. My belief is that the will to live has to be strong before there can be any hope. He seems to have that in spades, so I will support him in any treatment he wants to try. 

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