Thursday, March 19, 2009

The work monster has released it's grip

Finally! The Evil Work Monster has loosened it's hold. Since I am not yet independently wealthy, I still have to do that working thing, but at least it is not 80 hours a week anymore. 
Jeanne's schedule, Get up-go to work-stay there til you drop-drive home on auto pilot-walk the dog on auto pilot-fall into a dead sleep-repeat often.

Notice anything missing? No knitting happening...what kind of a schedule is that!

First day off in 14 I took a little road trip with Brodie. He is not real big on riding in my truck, like he is terrified of it or something. I bought him a harness because he thinks needs to be in my lap for the ride. My fault entirely, I am a complete sucker for the puppy browns. He is awful in the truck. He  is fine if he is in my lap- looks out the window and watches traffic but put him on the passenger side and Oh no! he shakes, turns himself backwards in the seat, or lays down, looks at me with pathetic eyes and then he usually pukes. WTF! I think it is all a ploy. He just wants to be in my lap!

See the pathetic stare? I tell you- all a ploy!  I am going to take him for rides to the park in my friends car to see if maybe it will make a difference in his comfort level. He does seem terrified by the truck, silly since he came home in it. 
On a sad note, tragedy strikes again in my family. My beloved cousin Robbie, Grandson to Everett who just passed away and Nephew to Elizabeth who also just passed away, was just diagnosed with terminal cancer. It must be in that Tennessee water, or those moronic doctors they see down there. I am crushed by the news, Robbie is only just turned 35. It is not fair for someone who is just a baby and barely lived to have to be told -"enjoy the time you have left"
Somehow I will have to make some time for a trip down there, just to hold him once more.

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