Thursday, April 09, 2009

Finally - A Pair

Here they are! The long awaited Tidal Wave Socks!! TA DA! I know, I know, I can hardly believe it myself, and TN Dawn has already ribbed me about the number of blog posts it has taken to get them done. This has been the for-ever sock project, with multiple restarts! I was actually shocked to see I had started these in the beginning of December when I updated them on Ravelry. Kinda down right embarrassing in fact.

I'm starting to feel like I am getting a little bit of my groove back on. I am keeping it small to start with, and continuing to work on new goodies for my new digs. (That's if I ever get any new digs)

This was an easy start to finish project, another dishcloth to be packed away for future use.
And as always, Brodie is right there to help me take a picture! This was an easy pattern stitch to remember and I probably could have finished it in a day if I hadn't started it right before my beddy bye time. I used less than a ball of yarn on size 8 needles. I have to say, with this yarn a smaller needle would have been better. I like a denser fabric for dishcloths. I guess I really did not take into account this is a dk weight yarn instead of a worsted weight when I was following the pattern. Ah time. and who knows, maybe by the time I wash it, it just might shrink up to a dandy little coaster size.

Project Scoop
Pattern: Waffle Stitch Dishcloth Rav Link
Yarn CotLin Glacier
Needles: Size 8
Size: 10x10

I had the kids come and pick up my dining room table and chairs the other day. I had been meaning to give it to them for a while now and finally got the lead out of my but and got it out of my place and into thiers. ( I just love dumping stuff on them...hehe)

Now I have this big empty space to fill, but I am not buying new furniture yet, nope, I am going to fill it with boxes of packed goods. I don't like to wait for the last minute to do things, and even if the right place doesn't come along, I will still move away from the ignorant neighbor upstairs and the usless landlord and into a different place.

Hopefully my next post will have another F/O to share, but failing that I will definately have a story.

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