Friday, May 02, 2008


I think I might need this shirt.

Is that even a word? Knitisiums? Oh well, it is now. I have been browsing the net tonite looking for something to buy. Very bad I know but I figured I have enough overtime in the last two weeks to make up any shopping I do tonite. I can remember not to very long ago that I could not even find one t-shirt or one coffee mug with any type of knitisium on it. Tonite I have found page after page of them. So many in fact that I cannot decide.

Decisions, decisions.

What I did find that I could buy tonite was this....from

This shirt along with a few others that celebrate my belonging to the top 4% ;) of the population.

My natural born redheadedness has been causing some dissension in my peace of mind lately.

Ever feel like you are nearing your boiling point? That your level of tolerance for ignorance and stupidity is being reached? I have recently been feeling like a volcano ready to erupt. Quite likely to erupt at work and at home. I am thinking that somebody is going to be the recipient of a tongue lashing and it is not going to be pretty! I try hard not to lose my temper, but sometimes...ok.. It is not even one particular thing that is causing this feeling, but a series of events, rude and whining remarks that is bringing me to this point.

Plus the fact that I am overwhelmed with work, my house is a mess and I can't seem to find the time or energy to put it right, I am working too many hours and my favorite police officer went to a busier department. :(

Top that off with a shitty vacation (I know my butt is fat, and I do not need anyone to remind me, thank you very much!) and there you have it... a volcanic explosion just waiting to happen!

Perhaps it is the reason I felt the need to buy a t-shirt that says "Consider the hair a warning"

On a knitting side note, I did finish the fingerless gloves for that spousal-type-person who does not deserve them (picture to come at a later date). And I discovered that my own fingerless gloves are great for wearing outside and in that cold ass work out room at work, but they are not so good for typing. Way too bulky, I kept hitting the wrong keys. I shall have to make another fingerless - fingerless glove to cover cold hands for typing.

I am having a bit of a knitting slump as well Dawn, don't feel too bad.

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