Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Summer of Socks? Maybe

Ever notice how shopping can make you feel better when your down? Ok, so maybe it is only a temporary fix, but sometimes you just need to indulge yourself. The Internet has been my friend this week. I immediately went to my favorite Lorna's supplier on Ebay (emtnstr) and located three colors I have been musing over. Red White and Blue, for some patriotic 4th of July socks. I found a couple of patterns through Ravely that just might suit. 
I wanted to make the Girls Best Friend Socks too, but had a little problem... they were GINORMOUS! Apparently my kankles are not as big as some.

So I had to shelf that project while I waited for some smaller needles. I naturally ordered the new Harmony double point set. These are awesome needles. So so smooth and silky. I love that they come in sets of six, I will inevitably break one, and in a nice little case to keep them all together.  

Of course I immediately cast on a sock, Loopy- one of my favorites, in some Tofuties that I picked up last year at Stitches.  Since I have so much sock yarn, I figure this should be my summer o' socks.
 I already have my days off scheduled for Stitches in August, and I need to make room in the closet for a new batch of yarn. Maybe some more kits this year too.

I couldn't very well pay shipping just for some needles, so I ordered Artic Lace. I have been wanting this book for a while, I probably should have just gone to the library for the one pattern I wanted out of it, but what the heck, maybe I'll find something else in it I like.

Here are the fingerless mitts I started on my Vegas trip. My hand looks like a big ole' meat hook in these...good thing they are for a boy ;) I think I will be putting these away until Christmas.

Then there is the red white and blue plaid that I started, was it last year or maybe the year before. I actually crocheted a few rows on this the other night. Good project for chilly weather.  Once the body is crocheted I will weave the yarn in the opposite direction to create the plaid effect. Poor Sarah has been waiting for this one for a while. I am making this one bigger than the one I made for myself, and I really have no clue how big yet. I plan to just keep crocheting until it looks right to me.
I will be helping the kids move on my days off this week. So I don't expected to get much of anything recreational accomplished. But I would like to get this afghan done this year to give to them, hopefully before the 4th. We'll see how that goes.
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