Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Busy Week

We had Sarah's shower on Sunday, It was a wonderful turn out. The look on Sarah's face made all the stress and expense all worth it. The girls from my work are incredibly generous and gave her some wonderful gifts, as did the family. I'd say the kids are pretty well set and it is nice to have some new things to start out married life with. Sarah told me she plans on leaving most of it packed up until they move in a couple of months. New place with new toys!
 This is the towel wedding cake Kelpy made for her shower. Just beautiful, and we figured since Sarah did not have a "real" wedding cake, this would be even better. ( you can't get cellulite from a towel cake..LOL)

I had found these adorable matching aprons, Domestic Diva and Diva in training for both Sarah and Raine, on Sarah's I pinned a bunch of household cleaning aids and kitchen items. Feather duster, pot holder toilet bowel brush, kitchen scrubby etc. and made her wear it. She is a real trooper and didn't even whine about it, however, Raine, who loved her apron, was not so enamored of the photo session. These last four days I've had off have been exhausting and my arse is really dragging tonite.

On the knitting front,  did not get much done, just a little bit here and there.  I haven't done diddly poo on my toe up sock. I have had to rip it out two more times down to the toe. I keep screwing up the heel. I really need to pay attention to the pattern I guess, since it has spent more time in the frog pond than I like to admit. By the time I get to the second sock, I will have forgotten how the hell I cast on and will have to play the trial and error game all over again at this rate. 

Sheer desperation, boredom and freezing fingers prompted this project. While I was waiting to figure out why the hell I bought that pretty green yarn, and waiting for Hobby Lobby to restock their beads, I made these fingerless mitts out of some stash yarn I had laying about the house. I was too damn lazy to look up a pattern and just started knitting. Not my best effort but the do the job!

Saturday night that boy decided he was going to make french onion soup with Salisbury steaks...YUM. We had our usual Saturday night gang over plus a couple more for dinner. After dinner, the brothers played their stupid Wii golf, while us girls decided on an impromptu knitting lesson. Poor Kelp had left her knitting at home since the original plan was for the girls to go back to her place and leave the boys at mine. I gave sister in law Tammy and niece Gina each a skein of yarn and some needles and they were off. I love teaching other people to knit. Both are well on their way to a nice hand knit scarf! 
In the meantime I started another multi directional scarf.  Sunday night I got Kelp going on the same pattern. 

Yesterday I finally sewed the straps on my bagstopper and it is officially finished. Don't ask what took so long, I haven't a clue why I left it sit so long. Just laziness I guess.

I bought 4 more tubes of beads (it was all the store had) and worked some on the beaded alpaca. I wish I had a better idea of how many beads I needed. Next time I do one of these I will buy the beads from someone who sells them buy the count. I thought I had guestimated around 1600 beads, but I am not going to count the little buggers and string them too. I will just knit until I run out of beads again and buy some more.

Thank God for Ravelry! I was at a loss as to why I bought that green yarn, and was going through my queue when it dawned on me duh!  Aliens!! of course... I bought the yarn for the alien scarf. OMG I love this pattern!  This has to be one of the coolest patterns I have ever knit!

I haven't even finished one motif yet and already you can see the little green mans face forming.
Now if I can just figure out how to design one myself. I can think of tons of stuff I would like to knit this way.

My arm is still hurting but I have ditched the sling. it was too much of a pain in the butt.  And now that my arm feels better, I think on my next days off I will start my TKGA course. I am anxious to learn some new things. Now that Sarah's shower is behind me I can relax for a while and concentrate on me. 
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