Thursday, February 14, 2008

I can still knit!

I finally went to the clinic for xrays. The doctor said I fractured my elbow, put me in a sling and sent me to the bone doctor. Just flippin wonderful I am thinking! What a pain in the arse the sling is. Of course, I am defiant and say I am not going to wear that damn thing. But I found out quick enough that it really does help with the pain. Yesterday I saw the bone doctor and he tells me, no there is no fracture (phew) but... I ruptured the bursis sac on my elbow and that is why it feels like raw meat. I did not take my knitting with me because I was afraid I would get yelled at for using my hand when I am not supposed to...LOL

Well the good news is - I can still knit. The bad news, it is going to take about 6 weeks to heal and no heavy lifting, and no leaning on it. Duh, of course I am not going to lean on it, it hurts like hell!

So here is what I have been up to in the mean time. I crocheted these little Ipod socks for my two Ipods out of some left over sock yarn...fitting doncha think. Just a simple single crochet in the round until I got to the top and then I crocheted the flap flat, added a bobble for the button and viola! Thanks Dawn for the idea.

I finished my Noro Silk Garden multi directional scarf and wore it to work tonite. I love how the colors blend. I could not gauge the best place to start a new ball tho so that it blended in the same manner. I used a little over two balls for this and they seem like they wind each one with a different color starting. Still, I am happy how this one turned out. I made this one about 60 inches long.

I have almost a whole ball left over so I started Calorimetry last night and am about half done with it. It doesn't even look like the same yarn, does it. I am hoping to finish this tonite. Very easy pattern.

I did work a little bit on my toe up socks and started the heel gusset but that is as far as I got with those. My bagstopper is finished but for the straps, which I have pinned to, but not yet sewn on. No clue what I am waiting for. It is only 4 simple seems and I was at the sewing machine this week fixing a glove for my nephew.
I had just received my Basics Basics Basics course from TKGA right before I fell on that stupid car booger. I had wanted to start it right away, but I decided to wait until my arm was a little better first. Yes, I know, I have been knitting up a storm anyway, but I don't want pain to distract me from the course. This is something I have been wanting to do for a really long time, and I want to do it right. Plus these swatches are going to be examined by people that know what they are doing, so maybe I am a little nervous about it.
I joined an international sock swap on Ravelry and I get to swap sock yarn and some other goodies with a gal fron England. I plan to get the rest of my swap shopping done this week end so I can get it off in the mail to her.
I have pretty much peetered out on my Knit a Mile challenge, I have almost knit two miles of stash, and have reverted to some fresh yarn at this point. I met my original challenge and it was just the kick start I needed to get moving.

Saturday night the girls from Kelps work are supposed to get together, they have been knitting fools since the first session. I asked Kelp if they maybe wanted to learn the Multi directional scarf this week, so I think that idea is still on. I thought it would be fun to all be working on the same thing... I have plenty of yarn I can use for another one of those. Plus both of those girls are making afghans and we all know how boring that can get. A sassy scarf is just the thing to keep their interst peaked and this one is easy enough for a beginner.

I have Sarah's shower to finish planning, that is next week end and I am getting pretty excited about it. It should be lots of fun. Sarah told me this morning she was going to go dressed like a bum, I said the hell you are! I told her she did not have to dress up, but she had to look nice, after all, I am going to be showing off my beautiful daughter to my friends from work too.
She just gave me that... "Oh mom" look. Friday it it will be a trip to the party store for deocrations and games.
Knitting is probably going to take a slow down for the next week until her shower is over.
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