Monday, February 04, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum...

Chicagoland got another hefty snow fall this week (well two of them to be precise) and you know how the snow tends to build up around the wheel wells and all. Well I hate that part of winter. I always knock those chucks of ice off my truck. So, I did so on Saturday, right before I went to work. A Huge car booger! Solid like a rock too. I have to admit, this was my own stupidity, but I was too damn lazy to kick the big ole car booger out of the driveway and into the snow bank ( I guess I thought maybe the car booger fairy would take care of it while I was at work...not so). Well it was still there, laying in wait for me when I came home at 2 am.
Somehow I managed to back my lil ole truck right up next it. I gather all my crap, my purse, my feed bag and my tote bag, grab my cup of coffee with my other hand, kick the door open and step out...yup you guessed it, right on top of that friggin car booger! And down I went! Right on to my mother freakin elbow! Not on my ass where I have plenty of cushion and could have bounced back with only my pride hurt...Oh no, right on the very point of my elbow, with all of my weight.
I am stunned, sitting on the ground, I did not even have a chance to drop anything and grab the door. I think I sat there for a few minutes waiting for my breath to come back. OMG I have never felt such pain. Not the, I hit my funny bone kind of pain, it was the OMG-I think think I jammed my elbow through to the other side of my arm kind of pain.
I tried to stand after a few minutes, and realized I cannot even pick up my conglomerate of crap that was laying about on the ground. I don't have the wherewithal to move away from my truck and close the door. Just stood there in the cold contemplating an emergency room trip. For those of you that know me, you know it was bad if I was thinking of going to the emergency room...I do not do hospitals except under extreme duress!

Well, thank goodness the brother's came out the door about that time, they realized I was not quite myself, picked up my things and got me inside the house...Phew and good thing too because once inside the house I felt I could solidify my decision not to go. Good brother's that they are they immedialty blamed that boy for not plowing properly. And, being the kind of person I am, I shifted the blame and explained about the car booger, which gave everyone a good chuckle and then they went home and that boy went to bed. I however, grabbed an ice pack and sat up watching tv, bemoaning my stupidity and wondering whose Cherrios did I piss in to cause this bad karma.

Well here I am two days later, and my elbow still feels like someone is sticking a knife in and twisting it! That cannot be a good sign! I had almost talked myself into an xray quickly changed my mind this morning when it did not feel quite so bad...that is till I put on my uniform shirt and OMG...there it was again!
The really sucky thing is...this happens to be my favorite leaning is the one I wear out all of my uniform shirts on. Hurts like the dickens, does not accurately decribe it. The good news I can still knit... if I rest my arm just so.
Maybe I will have checked tomorrow....maybe.

Ok here is the scoop on my Clapotis...Not going so well. I think I made a mistake somewhere, because I am at the dropping stitches point and something does not seem to be adding up. I know, you really can't tell from this picture, but at least you can see how far I got. So I am going to tear the whole thing out and start over... I just keep reminding myself frogging is good for the soul. Clearly this is not a tv project. I will start over at some point when I can give it my full attention until I get the rhythm down pat - then I'll turn the tv back on.

Remember I said I order yarn to go with those beads?? Yah... well... This yarn does NOT go with those beads. Not to say I am dissapointed in the yarn, it just cried out for something different! Now this is how I visualize the multi directional scarf to be be! Noro Silk Garden Lite (it was on sale for 5 something a skein at Webs). This is the coolest looking yarn I think I have ever bought!! I love this! Looking at the ball of yarn, I have no clue how it is going to knit up and all three balls that I bought are wound different so it looks like each one is a different colorway. I have checked and rechecked the labels to make sure of the dyelot and they are all the same. But side by side, they sure don't look it. This is the first time I have used Noro, and I can see why people love it. I can't tell you what the colorway is because I never did learn to read Japanese (yah like they offered that in my school...LOL) but I can tell you that I am using a size 6 needle :) Crazy stuff, this yarn is.

As for the beads, well I strung them on some gray Andean Treasure I was using for Ivy...which is clearly going nowhere and probably never going to... So I shall re-allocate the yarn!

This is Christmas prezzie yarn from my friend Jackie- Knit Picks Felici in Hummingbird. You know, in the begining I was not so impressed with Knit Pick's sock yarn, I always found it a little on the scratchy and unyeilding side. But this yarn is soft and yummy and as you can see, I have already had it on my foot and my foot is liking it! My first time with a toe up pattern. I must have frogged this toe 25 times before I got the cast on looking right. I was all the way up to heel gussett and realized it was a tad big, about 8 stitches too big, so I frogged it back down to the toe to used my usual number of sock stitches. My foot is fat, but not quite that fat.

I have decided that I have way too many WIP's and am going to seriously get down to finishing them. Starting with the Bagstopper I restarted and promptly put down.

Now, to all those that are wondering what thing I bought myself for Valentines Day... Keep guessing...LOL.

It could be used in knitting, in a manner of speaking.

The one I ordered did arrive today, but you will still have to wait for the results because I decided I wanted a bigger one before it even got here so I am sending it back for exchange. ;)

Life is too short to be stingy with yourself!

Right now you are all probably thinking words that are not fit for print..hehe

Foot note: I appologize for any mis spelled spell check appears to be broketakated.

Oops, I almost forgot, Here is a picture of the shower invites Kelp and I made for Sarah. That Kelp is pretty darn clever with the paper isn't she.

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