Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My New Toy!!



Ok no not really, but I had you going for a minute didn't I...LOL Actually this is a concept car that we saw at the Chicago Auto Show this week end. Very Pretty, and Very Red!! Just my color! In fact, I think in two years when this baby is released I just might have to take one for a test drive! I should be just about ready for a trade in by then...I am hoping it will be good in snow...

Now... for the real toy... Friday night I finally took the plunge and we went to the Apple Store to that I could test drive this little beauty instead. Yup I am a convert. I turned Mac!! Bill Gates are you listening? I got tired of all of the IE errors and OS replacements, and Office upgrades, and all of the additional software purchases, and that infernal hourglass! I was going to get the Macbook Air, which I was seduced into, but then thought better of it and sent it back as soon as it got here. And Apple, bless them, paid for the return shipping even though I had changed my mind.

It is too bad these don't come in red though... I may have to look around for a skin for it. So far, I am as happy as a clam with it. Not that there was anything wrong with my Dell. It wasn't even 2 yet. Other than the fact that I bought a too big 17 inch laptop. I am streamlined down to this sexy little 13 inch now. Much lighter and much much faster. (No hourglass)
That boy has been researching Macs ever since I said I was thinking about converting (which I knew he would do). He looked into all of the techie stuff that I knew I wouldn't. I just needed to know it will do what I want it to do without coughing up a lung to make it do it.

My biggest decision came to this, did I want the 13 inch Macbook or the 15 inch Macbook Pro. I opted for the smaller, for the money I could not really see what I needed the Pro for. And who knows, since I have been without a desk top since lightening struck the house in '06 I have rarely missed it, but if I ever change my mind on that score, I will have more power in the IMac anyway. The only thing I don't like is the finish, I have to wipe the fingerprints off every time I use it because they glare at you. That and there was no little slot for my memory card :(
I can live with that! It works great!

Now here is another surprise... That lovely lady Lynda from California wrote to me and told me she had 10 more hats to send for our homeless shelter here. The package I received at work today had not 10 but 23 hats and 24 scarves!!! What an amazing woman! She sure knits way faster than I do!! There were some knitted and crocheted hats, as well as some fleece scarves, some were hand made and some were purchased. She puts me to shame!! Friday I will be making another drop off at the shelter with the hats and scarves that Lynda sent, and the hats that I made. I still need to whip up those fleece hats so I am hoping to have that done on Friday too.

Dawn here are some snow shots for you from last weeks blizzardy weather....

Gratuitous Disclaimer: DO NOT TRY TO TAKE PICTURES WHILE YOU DRIVE IN A SNOW STORM... I know, Duh. But I couldn't seem to help myself.

Here is the scene through my windshield.

I had to roll the window down for this one

...and well, I might have been driving too fast for conditions here. And actually this one is from the week before, I just think the picture looks so cool wizzing like that.

Just as I suspected for this week, not much knitting going on, just work and , lots of party planning, Sarah's shower is Sunday and I can hardly wait.

The sock swap shopping is done, I can't show any pictures of the goodies yet, but it will be on it's way across the pond by tomorrow. All that is left is to pack and ship!

An alarm just went off on my computer...it just said "it's 1 o'clock" Think someone is trying to tell me something?

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