Friday, January 30, 2015

The journey continues

Work continued on the pen this week to make it more secure. My son had to replace few feet of fencing then viola it is ready for habitation!! Actually as it turned out, he used about 80 feet of fencing. But it is all good and the pacs have a safe and secure home.

I prepared my fiber for the wild side of my Golden Fleece module 7 yarn, my responsible single already spun and waiting.
I think my blending board is my most used tool. I love to paint with fiber!

I started with combed top, then added schlubs of SoftSilk and some dyed locks then some more combed  top.. 

Arty Rolags 

Spun into my "wild" single with some wild feathers spun into it.

Then plied with my "responsible" single.

And it turned out practically perfectly balanced., like Mary Poppins
I am quite please at how this one turned out. 

I am almost sorry to see the end of this particular journey. Only one more module left to do.

And of course I managed to squeak in another hat, this one for Jesse in Maryland. Every time I post one, I get another request.

Fibering on...

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