Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Alpaca land

Apparently I got lost... Um somewhere. I thought I had been here but then logged in to see I hadn't. 

We had been working on Alpaca Land and busy trying to bribe the new fur kids to like us.  Let me just say...it is a lengthy process.

This is the look I usually get from Juliet who happens to be the Elder. The others seem to ask permission from her first.

Cousin is the nicest one, which is ironic since the lady I got him from said he couldn't get along with her chickens and goats. I don't have any chickens for him to not like but he is by far the best behaved,

And being a young alpaca male. He was immediately put in his place by the three girls. 

Brodie was introduced but they all merged on him at once and he ran away like a scared little girl.

Then, oh horrors, made him pose with those really big doggies... 'You stay on your side and I will pretend you are not there.'

Johnny has become the horse whisperer.

And well this is Luna, who is usually a very nice horse. 

Except for last Sunday when I was riding her.

It went down like this... First I lost my hat, then my stirrup, then my boot flew off and she kept gaining speed... 

I could see two logs and a barn in my immediate future. 
I think maybe she didn't understand my Yankee accent because she just wouldn't WHOA!
 Then I picked what I hoped was a softer spot than the logs and bailed...at full gallop!  I discovered I don't bounce as well as I used too.
I have been 'recovering' ever since and concentrating on clearing up some in progress stuff... 

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