Sunday, January 11, 2015


It has been a while but I finally got on the stick and worked on that woven commission piece!

I had been weaving on it from time to time but not steady.  I had some difficulty with it because it was wool yarn on wool warp. Lesson learned, I did not enjoy the making of it. I discovered the wool yarn grabs too much on the wool warp to make smooth motions.

I had actually made three pieces of fabric. The first one was too short (faulty guesstimating), so that one I consider my practice piece. Maybe I will play around with it and some pins and see what it wants to be.

It has been a long time since I sewed a poncho (or anything for that matter), and I was feeling a little rusty and nervous. I think it had to do with it being commissioned. Pressure and all that. I had to hang it on the mannequin for a few days pinned together. 

Then I switched the fabric around and pinned it again and then mulled it over some more. I wasn't liking the stiffness but I was sure it would soften up. Just being my usual pickiness. Yep, yep I think I like it.

 Today I told my son (and myself) I am getting that poncho done dammit!!

I trimmed, pinned and sewed and then I tried it on. Perfect!  Presently it is hanging out on the porch drying after the last nice warm bath. Oh an it is not stiff at all!

I do love how it turned out! I wouldn't mind keeping it myself if she doesn't like it. I kind of have a hard time letting go of my creations some times.

Next project...duh  another Rikke hat! This one was a request. 

Now I must must must get back to my Journey to the Golden Fleece module 6!
 Fibering on Loveies!

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