Friday, December 19, 2014

weaving on

It's been a busy week. Christmas is closing in and, yes I did make one more hat! OMG I am so over it now...everyone has a flippin' new one now!

And somehow it got wrapped and shipped without a picture of it...what-ever.

I have also been weaving. I have been commissioned to weave a poncho. Specific colors. Brown and black.

I have the first piece woven, or more specifically I have the practice piece woven. She wants it more black than brown so I will have to re-think it abit.

The thing about commission pieces is that it puts a lot of undue pressure on me, so I generally don't do them. Usually I make what I like, and hopefully someone else likes it too. Otherwise, it becomes too much like work. This is a special case however. It will be my first woven sale! 

This will also be my first garment.

I have been working on the Westknits KAL 2014 which I started while I was in Sarasota. I have 
been stuck on clue 2 for some time now. Brioche has been kicking my butt! I practiced, thought I got it...then I had to rip it out, like 3 times now I think. 

This time I think I have it. Of course most people are already done with theirs so the cat is out of the bag and it is no longer a mystery.

But as long as I don't lose my place I should be golden! 

A woman I went to school with recently contacted me on FB. She made a comment to me about how she loved how I stayed true to myself.

I have been mulling that over now for a week or so. Did I?? I not really sure.  I think she remembers me much differently from high school than I remember myself, I always thought of myself as a introverted dippy little artsy hippie back then. Ok so maybe I am a little bit artsy hippie dippy now too.

I'm not sure if I really stayed true to myself, or if I just found my way back :) either way, it made me feel pretty good.

as my son would say - don't knit yourself into a circle. ;)

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