Saturday, December 13, 2014

finally getting my spin on!

but first, lemme take a selfie...

So since moving, things have been, well a bit chaotic scattered.

Here is brief synopsis, Johnny (son) and I moved one and a half houses. He says I have a lot of crap, as did my friend Rick who loaded the truck.  So I drove a 26 foot truck, because apparently I do have a lot of crap, pulled a trailer with Johnny's car behind it (packed to the gills) while he drove my truck (also packed to the gills), from Sarasota, Fl to the Smokies Tn. I was feeling pre-ty BA by the time we got here.

A brief two and half weeks later I drove back to Sarasota, Fl to attend a weekend workshop on photography with Sara Norine, which was soooo worth it! I truly did intend only to stay 4 days (Florida Power and Light needed to do the blah blah blah to the blah blah blah - what-ever) so that was the extra day. Then tragedy struck, I had an accident and was STUCK IN FLORIDA for 10 DAYS!

You don't even want to see this...BAMM!

We just don't look at this side :(

Moving on.
Finally I get home and I have one day to race through the house unpacking (because I really do have a lot of crap and I am a mad woman) make the house look presentable so that we can leave the very next morning at the crack of dawn (earlier even) to go to Chicago for Thanksgiving with my family. Made it! Loads of fun! Glad we did it!

So finally we are now home and pretty much settled, sort of. Enough for me to start to get my spin on.

I took a blue/pink/purpley art batt by Batts in the Belfry fluffed it up -hand picking- with some raw alpaca, and some camel and maybe a little cormo -it was just whatever I could drag out of the space bags in the work shed (hehe I have a work shed ).

And got my spin on!


I also managed to squeeze in a couple of emergency Christmas gift hats this week. And by a couple I really mean far. 

skull cap and watch cap


And girl. Somebody had to put in a special order...


Phew... I am making myself tired just reliving all that again. (drivers butt...big time)

I think I have only one more to do. Sarah and Raine have soooo many they just are not getting new ones this year! Saw-ry.

Finally... some small measure of control back in my life.

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