Thursday, October 06, 2011


It's kinda funny how things happen. I have really been making some headway on my wimple- determined to finish it right this time round.
I should just really just expect a comedy of errors when it comes to my knitting.
Yet again a small tragedy has befallen my wimple.

Picture this - knitting laying on the bed- I throw the covers back- grab my MacBook - ready for some quality FB time (Bejeweled Blitz doncha know ) and lean back- craaaack- loud expletive ( insert imagination here) and then, without a second glance, I throw it on the floor!
Yea...That was adult like behavior!

Today I remembered my little tantrum and picked my knitting up off the floor only to discover about 4 inches worth of stitches hanging in the breeze. Ouch! Weell that's what you get for acting like a spoiled brat!
That was a lot of yarn overs to put back on the needles! But still, I must have done it right since all of my purls ended up in the right places.

I'm really glad that I had bought an extra set of Harmony's!

I think I am nearly back to where I started over from. And looking pretty good too if I do say so myself. 

My dad says " What are you knitting now??" Hmmm how do I explain to him what a wimple is? 

"'s a kind of hood" I say,

"  A hood?? for what?? "

" wear in cooler weather?"

Yup- he still looks at me like I'm from Planet X.

Eat your heart out!!! Yes.. I have a Tangerine tree in my back yard...with...wait for it... 22 tangerines!!

Yup ...Dad counted them.

Then we have this pathetic little orange tree that we are going to try save. It seems to have only one good live branch, it even has some viable oranges on it.  Kinda looks a little like it was struck by lightening, the poor thing.

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