Thursday, March 11, 2010

3rd Time's a Charm?


I've been struggling with this pattern for a while now. Ridiculous really since it is a one liner, but for some reason lace patterns and me do not get along. I got all the way into my second skein of yarn when I got a good look at it and discovered tons of design features. Well now that can't be, so of course I ripped the darn thing out.

Attempt # 2...Now isn't it funny how the pattern reads so much easier on the second time around?? Going along swimmingly ( back to where I was on the second skein of yarn) when suddenly the unthinkable happens! My Harmony Needle came unglued! I fixed it of course but not before loosing a crap load of stitches. There again- lace and Not get along. I cannot seem to put those YO's back on the durned needle the right way! More design features! Frogged again!
This is attempt #3... I don't want to jinx myself but so far so good. All I really wanted to do was use up some yarn on a nice simple scarf!

A couple of months ago a friend of mine from work made this little baby. My swift broke last year and I have been ghetto rigging it and getting into tangles for my efforts.

Some how Matt got talked into a little woodworking project. I showed him some pictures and he made me this wonderful swift. (Not knowing a darn thing about yarn too I might add.) he made it to accommodate super sized skeins of yarn. I finally used it and I like it sooooo much better than the commercial ones! I had no idea he was so handy!

Raine went with me this year on Saturday to attend our annual Polar Plunge for Special Olympics. I played Department Photographer and Raine built sandcastles.
I have to admit, once it was over we beat a hasty retreat and did not stay for the After Plunge Party. I visited the dentist the day before and he attempted to pull a tooth- unsuccessfully I might add...Nothing worse than a trip to the dentist, except a trip to an oral surgeon! That requires a little R&R and lots of pain killers!

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