Monday, September 21, 2009

Like a butterfly

From flower to flower

Sometimes...I wonder where my head is at!

I have had this problem all my life...I see something, think it might be fun to learn, then I launch myself into yet another project. What were you thinking?? I say that to my many callers at work (under my breath of course). I blame my mother of course... she did raise me this way!

This week I thought it might be fun to make polymer beads... so I impulse shopped my little self to Michaels, buy a couple of packets and off I go. Now I used to be heavily into ceramics and pottery back in the day, so much so that I drove my mother crazy digging up the clay from the back yard, making beads and flower pots in the oven. And that worked for me...I am a little bit bohemian and of course every pot and bead I made was unique (lots of macrame hangers around the house). As an adult I find that I am striving for a uniformity that just isn't there.


In theory they should have had a pinwheel design like this.

The reality was more like this!

And lets not forget, just another in a long series of the calamity events in my life, the bead that I dropped into my coffee cup... which I drank anyway.

I get the concept of course, but the application usually seems to be lacking...ah is therapeutic at any rate.

I do try to do things myself as much as I can, I hate being dependent on someone else. Things like hanging curtains, or say blinds. In which case Mark aka He-Man ( I am not She-rah BTW) comes over and looks at my handiwork, (which I find completely acceptable by the way), points out where I went wrong, the basically pats me on the head and says "Honey, you stick to answering 911 calls, I'll take care of the man work". I think he likes me to be dependent on him. Nah... he's not really chauvinistic...riiight!

On the "I mostly know what I am doing front" I started the mobius shawl from that pretty sparkly fairy wingish yarn and am nearly finished. Can't really screw this one up, it is a no brainer.
On the other hand... This poor little cabled fingerless mitt... I have frogged 3 flippin' times! Not because I don't know what I am doing, but because I just don't pay attention.

Again...I blame my mother, she did raise me this way! If nothing else...I find my life boredom free. ( I do still plan to take that spinning class)

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