Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I love Westminster chimes!

So the ongoing conversation went something like this ...

Flashback...15 years ago..."So Pete...I think you should give me Kevin's clock" (translates to brother that owes money).
" I can't give you Kevin's clock, it's Kevin's"
"Sooo...not really...it's yours"

Flashback...last year " Don't you think Kevin's clock would look good in my apartment?"
"Aww come on...look right over there"
" Maybe if you (insert lewd comment)"
"Eww...no! That is NOT my job!" Subject closed....not going to happen!

Flashback...two weeks ago phone rings... "Jeanne...which one of these clocks are you going to take?"
"Whadda mean which clock?"
" You want the battery or the wind up?" (completely in shock now) "
" I want the one that plays Westminster Chimes"
" They both do"
"Well I want Kevin's clock"
"But you have to pull the chain every 8 days, the other one is better for people that don't want to bother"
"Peter...I think I can handle pulling the chain...I want Kevins clock!"
"Ok, I'll bring it over tomorrow"

"Really??? Really??"
" Yeah but you gotta give it back to Kevin when I die" "SWEET!!!"

Holy Shazbat! I can't believe I have Kevin's clock in my house!!! And it chimes so darn purty!

Talk about monotony! OMG this was the mother of all boring projects! I was good for about the first 10 rows but then after that I kinda wanted to shoot myself. That yummy fairywing stuff put me to sleep a few times. And the mobius...very tricky business trying to put it on.

still, it turned out nice and the yarn was a dream! I don't see myself making another one tho, I would probably end up in a coma if I did.

Project Scoop
Pattern: Crazy Girl Mobius Wrap ( hand out from Stitches Midwest)
Yarn: Blue Heron Rayon Metallic (40 bucks a crack girls) Marshgrass Silver 550 yrds
Needles: size 7 circs
Entertainment value: mindnumbing

This little beauty has taken it's time getting here. I am pretty sure that I had to rip it out at least fifteen times before I got the braided cable right. One down and one to go. I have no intentions of starting mitt #2 until I have an entire evening ( or shift) of un-interrupted knit time.

See how Brodie gets his face into all the pictures?? He is a camera hog!

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