Friday, July 10, 2009

I live by Murphy's Law

What ever can go wrong will go wrong...or just when you think you have it all planned out...I was never so happy to be done with something as I was my closing. What a pain in the arse. But finally I am here in my new abode, nearly unpacked and enjoying the peace and tranquility...sort of.

This is the view from the front window, if you look really hard you can see the "long and winding road" in front of my place. A fun road, a fast road! Across the street are protected wetlands. When I was a kid we called them swamps. Next to me also are more wetlands, so I don't have to worry about more new construction.

My front yard, such as it is.

As you can see, I still have a ways to go with the unpacking chore. Would have been nice had I closed when I was supposed to I would have had four whole days to do nothing but unpack. As it is I had to work a 12 the day after my closing, and have been working ever since.

This is bedroom #2, Oh boy, have I got some kinda mess happening here!

My loft...where I shall do all that bill paying crap...oh and maybe some work too.

This is where my " you really need to work out room" is, along with Brodies night time kennel. Ever since the boy came and installed my garage door opener I come in through the garage, grab Brodie and out the door we go for his morning constitutional. (Today he is supposed to come and hang the rest of my curtain rods so I am not living like a transient.)

Living room


Breakfast I do that breakfast thing.

Goodies from Knit Picks, my Happy New Home to Me prezzie from myself.

And Viola! Kait's brite lite socks are finally finished and dutifully displayed on my new sock blockers. Slowly but surely I am getting there. And did I mention I had no internet for a flippin week??? Not being able to play Mafia Wars has been a real drag. 

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