Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Vacation

10 things I learned on my summer vacation

1. Driving 65 is more economical than 75 0r erm 85

2. Never stay at a motel that offers weekly rates!

3. Bring your own smokes! They were 8 bucks a pack in Rapid City!

4. The Badlands are still just as majestic as when I was 9.

5. South Dakota has the most beautiful rest areas I have ever been in.

6. Mt Rushmore is still pretty darn cool!

7. And 9 year olds don't care when each state ascended to the Union.

8. Minnesota is the greenest state I have ever been to.

9. Driving 2000 miles is too much for just one person.

10. And most importantly....Book your room before you go to Mt Rushmore, because after the show, there isn't any vacancies for 150 miles!!

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