Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Well...there we have it.

You know what they say about best laid plans of mice and wo-men.  I was all set and ready to move but I must have peed in someones Cheerios because the builder farted around getting my signed contract back to me...resulting in, you know it, a later closing date! So now it is the 24th and I want to move, like yesterday! Grrrr....I really gotta stop wearing pink on Wednesday's (Mean Girls)
At least until I move, this is all about bad karma I'm sure because I have been a little more than sassy about a certain supervisor at work. 

On the up side, I found this fantastic yarn artisan on Etsy...and now she is my Rav buddy too! 
Twilight Knits made me a special order neon self striping yarn that has turned out so fab!  When I was in Tennessee, I promised my cousin Robbies girls that I would make them each a pair of socks. Kaitlyn had specific colors she wanted, to which I said "I can get anything you want honey" ! And so I did...I just love the fiber world!!

Little Hannah liked the pair I was working on so I decided to make them in her size. These are my "Twice Liked Stripes"...Why twice liked you ask? Well you ever like a yarn so much you liked it twice? That is what happened here. I was surfing Knit Picks and had one of those impulse moments... you know the "oooh I really like that colorway" , Martinique...I keep reminding myself now because when it came in the mail, I realized I already had a pair of socks in this color! Go figure! Lucky Hannah like them ;)

Project Scoop
Pattern: My Own Socks
Yarn: Knit Picks Felici Martinique
Needles : Size 2

Because I have two thirds of my life packed I am starting to get a little bit bored,  and I was waiting for Kaitlyn's yarn to arrive, I dove into a box with yarn and pulled out two colors of who knows why I bought it in the first place yarn, and started a pair of leg-warmies for Raine. One down and one to go.

Another washcloth off the needles. This one in a reverse miter. 

I had another moment of Knit Picks yarn porn weakness and bought 12 skiens of Swish to make a mitered throw for my new place. 

Moving day cannot come soon enough!

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