Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hey I Have a Closing Date!!

My days have been filled with, trying to recoup from my trip and the slam of overtime I have had...Not to mention, all the meetings I have had regarding the purchase of MY NEW HOUSE! Yup...I finally got off the stick and made a damn decision. Brandy New townhome, end unit next to protected wetlands to boot. What a gorgeous view I have, in fact it is in the area that I wanted in the first place (except for that one that was down the street from my brother...that would have been my top pick)

My closing isn't until the 12th and I want to move so badly that I can taste it.

Currently, this is what the inside of my apartment looks like... YUK! It is driving me crazy, (yah yah.. I know, a short putt) but it is all for a good cause. I have to pack when I can since I don't have an abundance of functional free time. And I have been doing a ton of pitching stuff, either via trash or Freecycle.

So while I was visiting my cousins, maybe I mentioned that Robbie and I went out to the back 40 ( and the near 40) to do a little target practice. This is the little baby he sent me home with, I think he probably felt it was all I can handle, and for now, I will concede that he is right. I told my brother there is a place near our homes where we can go for target practice, but I think it is a private gun club. I haven't yet had time to check it out yet but I think it will be a good time for some sibling bonding. Nothing like being able to go out on into your back yard, so to speak and fire off a few rounds at a bucket tho.

I was too tired to check my mail box for damn near a week, and when I finally did I discovered this package waiting for me.  A little contest surprise from Jant's Art!
With so much other stuff going on I completely forgot about it so it was like having Christmas all over again :-P

Of course, I can't play with it yet- and immediately packed it so I will not be tempted to unpack my swift and ball winder.

Aside from all of the Dispatcher and Policey stuff that I have been teaching New Girl, I also taught her to knit. The girl is a quick study lemme tell you! This is her very first project, also my house warming gift for my new place. I am so very proud of her!! She has made two more dish cloths since I taught her to knit, and those are patterned ones, and well as starting a scarf in seed stitch. I even talked her into joining my "cult" as she puts it, Ravelry!!  I think she is hooked!!

This one was supposed to be Open Star but somehow I made a boo boo in the pattern stitch,probably due to that not paying attention thing I do. I knitted 2 instead of 3 before I PSSO'd - I am not unhappy with how it turned out however. This one has made it into the bathroom. I decided I needed all new stuff for my new house, but I actually cheated and started using it right away.

Project Scoop
Yarn: Peaches & Creme
Needle: size 7

Last night I whipped up a reverse miter cloth in pinks. No pic yet, next time. 
It has me thinking I need an afghan in miter squares tho, I even considered unpacking that sweater I was working on and frogging it to start one. 

Hmmm, well....maybe not.

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