Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Twisted Tale

Remember the broken swift? And how I had my Mr Fix It friend come over and fix it for me? 
Well- lemme tell you how that went. Peter had used some of that green As Seen on TV crap to glue it back together. After letting it set for several days (for my own piece of mind) I decided to wind that skein of yarn again. 

I am going along happy as a clam when I look up and all of a sudden the swift starts to close and my yarn is quickly sliding downwards! OH (BLEEP)! Next thing I know, my beautiful yarn is wrapped around the base of the swift. OBVIOUSLY -As Seen On TV did NOT work!  As carefully as I can, I untangle the yarn from the base of my swift and drape it over the back of a chair. 

Yah- it didn't look too bad...until I tried to wind it by hand. In the meantime, I call my Mr Fix It friend. "Peter...that As Seen On TV crap didn't work!"  So he runs over right away to look at it, like I lied or something... after he fiddles with it for a few minutes (he is running solutions over in his little man brain), he picks up the nested in of the yarn and tries to help me. "I think you should just throw out this string (string???) and get a new one. "What???? first off it is not String, and second- One does not throw out yarn! You should know me better than that! "
Of course what I don't tell him is how much it cost me to buy the string in the first place.

We must have sat on the floor and worked on that yarn for three hours before he had to leave. Then amazingly- he came over again the next day and worked on it some more... "Lets just break the string he kept saying". Absolutely not, the one thing that really pisses me of is paying for 400 yarns of yarn is to find it has been knotted together in the middle. 
It seemed like just when we would seem to be making headway- it would all tighten up again and get worse.  Before we were done- it looked like what TN Dawns kitties did to her yarn.
Three days my friends, that is how long it took us ( me more than him) to turn that big ass'd birds nest into the neat ball of yarn you see here!

Frankly- I don't know many men that would sit for nearly three days and help untangle a ball of yarn, and believe me, I appreciated it. And he did finally come up with a workable solution for using my swift - after he came up with some silly elaborate man game type solutions. (I did learn how to make a hangman's knot ). 

And the rest of the story ;)

I have been knitting- but only a little bit- since my arm has been killing me again ( I blame work not knitting). Boy when they said it would take a long time to recover from that fall (last Flippin' February), they weren't kidding. It has been a year and three months now. I can't say this enough...Never never leave your car boogers in the driveway!

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