Friday, January 04, 2008

A little New Years Bling

I see that everyone has been posting their new years resolutions so I thought I would jump on the band wagon. Generally speaking, I never make any resolutions, at least ones that I know I can't keep. Cheating? Yes well, I know, but it works for me.
2007 was a brutal year in so many ways. For myself, I had a couple of near misses which made me realize that life was very precarious, and very precious!

So I guess my New Years Resolutions is simply this: Live to get healthier to live a longer life and to love life more.

I have learned that I am mortal (damn, who made that rule), and as such, I really have no time to dwell over the things that I cannot change, but to focus on the things that I can change. Since change comes from within, that is something that I have control over. I shall be as happy and healthy as I choose to be.
2008 will be a year for me to try thing that I have always wanted as well. Not really a resolutions but goals. I always put things off, like learning to spin, I have wanted to since I was a child in my pastors living room and saw my very first live spinning wheel. I have always wanted to own one. Well, and learn to use it of course. I did buy a hand spindle kit but the one time I tried it all it did was keep falling on the floor. I need to keep working on that I

I have already branched out of my usual lazy, safe knitting and tried a couple of new things.

I started the multi directional scarf I had in my queue on Ravelry, and it seems to be coming along quite nicely. Still a lazy project, but with a new direction, so to speak..hehe

And I finished my beaded shell scarf, twice actually. Yup it was so much fun I frogged it and did it again. Ok, so no-not really, but I did frog and I did want it longer and I plan to make another one with the 5 shells instead of 4, but longer that the kit provided. Surprisingly it was much warmer than I thought it was going to be with all those glass beads. Good thing too since it damn near got down to 0 degrees the other night.
It was a big hit at work too, (ok bragging a little) Even the Chief oohed and aahhed over it. :)

Dawn, you so need to make one of these!!! I think it should be in every girls wardrobe!

Tomorrow morning my little girl is getting married! No, this is not an after thought, and I am only telling you just now because, well, I am sad and happy at the same time. This means my baby girl has grown up. :(

It will be a small intimate wedding held at the Babcock Center (court house), but I understand they do a very nice ceremony there. My sister in law is already crying, and if I was off today and thinking about it too hard I probably would be too. It seems like only yesterday she was just a baby, and even though she have her own baby, the whole married thing makes her so adult now. does that mean I am old now? NOT!
Nothing fancy, she said she doesn't want a bunch of people gawking at her, and frankly I feel the same way. But they plan on having a reception of sorts sometime this summer so it can be out of doors and they can invite all their friends and family. I personally believe that most people could put a sizable down payment on a house with the money spent on elaborate weddings. Some times it is good to be of average income. ;)
The wedding shower will come after the wedding. I was not too happy about that but they chose tomorrow because that is the only Saturday I have off this month. I tried to talk her into waiting for another month, they waited this long already, so that it could at least give me a chance to give her a proper send off into grown-up hood. But then I decided, it is her day, her way and what ever way she wants to go about this is fine with me. I got the consession of making it happen on my day off and that is good enough.
I know I have been going on and on like she is some little kid, which she always will be to me I guess, and she thinks she is grown up already.... she is 27 after all, as she likes to reminds me. What - Ever! She is still just a baby!
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