Friday, January 25, 2008

1 Mile and still counting

YAY!! I knit the mile - and with plenty of time to spare!!
I am almost done with the Baby Love blanket. I will do the math when it is completed, but it should be right around another 500 yards to add to the count. Such a lot of yardage for such a small item :)

I was going to put this away for when I need another baby shower gift, but I decided to add this to the charity basket for the next group of items to take to the homeless shelter.
I had planned on sewing up a bunch of fleece hats for the charity basket as well, but instead I slept away the first half of my days off, then I sat and made invitations for Sarah's shower with Kelpy (who happens make the bestest ever cards I might add). Needless to say I got no sewing done on my days off and very little knitting. And I probably should no cleaning or cookling either.

Last night I finished my multi-directional scarf! Boy that was a long time coming. I read and re-read those ending directions and that last half triangle was not going to happen right. I found this very nice lady Maria on Ravelry, who very kindly re-wrote the instructions and drew me a diagram on her own scarf to show me. I must be part-tarded because plenty of other people out there have made this scarf according to the directions posted on line. They just did not make a lick of sense to me. I am not usually so stupid when it comes to instructions, but for some reason these were just beyond my simple comprehension!

It turned out perfect thanks to Maria! Obviously I still have to weave ends, wash and block but here it is!

Of course, as if I did not have a host of other things to be doing, I decided I have to have another beaded scarf and while Kelpy and I were shopping for card stick, I also shopped for glass beads to string. Yes, you have to string the beads and then transfer them onto the yarn. I am not finished with the beads yet, no hurry because my Noro for them that I just ordered isn't here yet. Do you suppose it is a little backwards, buy the beads first then find a yarn to go with them?? That's me, a back- asswards Virgo... go figure.

I did the one thing I said I wasn't going to do. I was pretty firm on this too, so I thought. Not going to post my stash on Ravelry...well guess what..I did it. Ok, so not all of my stash but a goodly portion of it. And in doing the prep for it, ie; photographing, sorting and such, I realized that I have already made a damn good dent in it. All those hats and scarves I have been making for the last couple of years have depleted quite abit of my stash. How exciting is that??? Mind you, the following two pictures is not by any means all of it, but I am starting to get it down to a respectable quantity. In fact, I purchased some guilt free yarn just this week!

A few years ago, I ran out of places to put my stash, which I do try to keep centrally located in my craft (read to mean junk) room. So I bought these handy dandy wire baskets to load up with yarn (see how empty they are getting?). Great idea right? Well no not really. Over time as they sat up there not getting used, some of the velour types faded dramatically and yellowed from smoke (yes we are evil smokers, hence the reason I keep my yarn sealed in plastic and away from light) unfortunately, I never thought of the long term effects of my basket solution. Actually, I never even thought they would be hanging up there for several years. I am salvaging what I can, but some of it will have to me 86'd I'm afraid. Ah well, live and learn.

I think it is time to empty out the baskets, don't you? Maybe use them for onions or something.

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