Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Surf's up Brod

Last week I decided it was time to introduce Brodie to the surf and sand! 

We have been here for a while now and I'm sure he as smelled it more than a time or two but there are no 'dog beaches' in the area that I can find so we hadn't gone yet. 

He has changed much since we drove the 1200 or so miles to get here. No longer is he afraid of the car or gets sick on the road. Now he is raring to go (except with Grandpa... won't get in the car with him -probably a good thing).

I took him in the evening since I figured most people would be gone from the beach it was in the high 60's and breezy- so all the southern sissies went in for the night. Us die hard northerners were out walking our dogs! ;-)

Awww Brodie's first time on the beach

isn't he Preeeecious!

Since we had the beach to ourselves I let him off lead (which I'm pretty sure is against the rules) and gave him leave to run ( also against the rules, I think).

My boy immediately launches into crazy dog routine them minute is said "Run"! 

And run he did...flying up the beach to the break water.

And then back down to me...and Oh look... he is making a left turn!!

Unlike watching Nascar, I find this highly entertaining!!

Trying to catch Lightening McBrodie here on camera however, is not so entertaining.

Crap... I lost him for a moment, oh wait  here he comes back to me...phew scared me there for a mo.

Pause to check out um, something.  Hmmmm

There he goes again... Aak yuk! Don't bite the sand!! Aakky Aakky!!

And he's off...again

If I could only catch him on video I could share the hysteria.

He really is so fast that is it hard for me to keep up with him when I am standing still... Doh- taking pictures  of him I mean.

No - Really!

Mom, do we have to do another photo op????

Poor Brodie, no matter how much he loved smelling everything new, playing on the beach, and the freedom to run, he was not so enamored of the waves coming at him.

 Really really did not like them what- so -ever.

But good boy that he is, he posed right wherever I wanted him and let me take as many pictures as I wanted. Even if the surf was up by his toes.

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