Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BFF's dot dot dot

When your BFF since you were 10 years old calls you up and says "can you make...?" Pretty much you do it ...right? Well that's what I have been doing, making dot dot dot.

The conversation went something like this:

"Nadine (sister) is in AZ taking care of Mom and Dad for a month. "
"She is? that is sweet of her.  "
"Well you know how dad's feet and legs are all swollen and stuff.. right?"
"Well, Nadine texted me to see if you could make dad something that would cover is toes 'cuz they are ugly and then she could take him out in public. She texted me THREE TIMES to text you! Like I didn't get it the first two times" 
"Why didn't she just text me?"
"I dunno...You know Nadine"
(insert laughter)

I immediately dig through my stash to find enough yarn for a pair of slippers (not toe coverings). Eureka! I do have enough of this Wool of the Andes that I have been carting around for several years. I begin my pattern search (on Rav of course). It took me a couple of trial and errors but I managed to find one that would serve my purpose.

Tam said Dad's feet are pretty big and swollen (he is wheelchair bound), make them like a size 12ish she says. Erm, okay
Not having made any this size posed something of a challenge for me. 

Based on these ribbed slippers by Marlo I made these. I did an extra increase row and tried to gauge by my foot how it would fit. Hopefully I got it right, because one they were done I was like "holy crap these are big". 

The other difference is I used single strand and Marlo uses double. I figure he is in AZ that should be fine,    that and I didn't have enough of one color to double. *shrug* you know my middle name is Improvise, among other things...LOL

So I washed them of course and then...hmmm maybe I should throw them in the dryer for a bit. I had a load going so I tossed them in for a few. 

WOW I forgot how quickly Wool of the Andes felts. I got them out in time and and blocked them. They are still big enough ( I think) and should still fit Tammy's dad.

Finished post- frantic felting.

Here they are, dot dot dot, They kinda look like clown boots to me. 

So Nadine here they are, if they don't fit let me know I will make him another- it is always better the second time around anyway ...right?

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