Saturday, October 09, 2010

I've been in scarf mode again!

Because a girl can't have too many scarves right??

Recently completed - Curly Q Scarf . I had some Knit Picks Simple Stripes sock yarn that had been laying around for ever, so I figured it would work well for this pattern, Curly Whirly. The pattern for this scarf was very loosely written, so if you are not a crocheter, it would be impossible to follow I think. Easy enough inspite of that and quick to complete and a fun little piece. I used 2 skeins of sock yarn. I think it would look great done in a mohair.

A fun scarf, and I thought it looked pretty cool how it curled around itself to lay almost flat.

My friend Amy modeled this one for me - just your basic red ( a girl always needs a red one- or several) done in chunky Jiffy.

And another done in purple heather. And Rose for Raine, with a hat to follow. She always needs extras since she is forever leaving them at school in her cubby.

Now this one was special... I actually did this one while on my blogging hiatus - 2 skeins Mystery yarn bought at Stitches Midwest made Slanted Sparkle. I did not realize that it had no label until I was winding the yarn. I know that it is wool and has sequins woven into it... and that is pretty much it, besides the fact that it is the prettiest sea foam green. I am guessing the skeins were maybe 150 yards. The pattern for this one seemed perfect for this yarn, Diagonal Lace. Once I got the hang of the repeats I was even able to watch TV while I knit it.

I'm thinkin' anyone of these would make a great accessory to a cute little red Vespa...doncha think? Oh yah... I'm definately in scarf mode again... with another one on the needles.

You guys all probably think I am excessive with my scarves, and I do have a lot of them and like a variety of choices, but the reality is many of what you see here end up being donated...either to charity or my daughters household...they seem to misplace them on a regular basis!
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