Saturday, May 01, 2010

A better month I've had!

Isn't it so true that you never really appreciate someone until you no longer have them, or almost don't? It kinda puts your own life into perspective when someone you love almost dies. It is frightening to think that a man barely in his 40's would need a second bypass. But there you have it, after 12 years those damn arteries failed again, gotta watch that cholesterol. He is doing much better but still has a long road to recovery, but after the 5th he won't need a chauffeur anymore so that is progress.

So anyone would think that if a knitter spent better than a week at hospital beside, a whole lot of knitting would be going on. Not so much in my case. Oh I did knit! However I am still working on the same pair of socks I started while Mark was in surgery, almost a month ago.

Out of my Little Box of Socks comes this little beauty, the Faceted Ribbed sock! I'm really diggin on those slip stitch patterns! So easy yet they have such beautiful patterns. I'm diggin on that Cherry Tree Hill yarn too!

You'll notice, as usual I made a pattern sock feet must be in stockinette...pretty much always or it really bothers me to wear them. Otherwise I followed the pattern as per written, with no design features ;)

And in all actuality, I did complete sock #dos while I had movie fest with myself tonite...completed pic next time.

I did consider giving up my blog since this nursemaid stint with Mark kept me away from it ( and just about everything else) for so long, but tonite I reconsidered since I figured there could be a couple of people that might object to a defection. So here I am, back again, same bat-channel.
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