Tuesday, March 10, 2015

my journeys end...

I was in the second wave of Voyagers in The Journey to the Golden Fleece  creativity course, so my personal journey started February of last year (2014 for those still writing the wrong date). It has been educational, joyful and sometimes painful.

Journaling was the hardest part for me I think. I like my private thoughts to be private, so sometimes to put things down on paper is difficult. I sketched much of it out in super secret code only I would know and I did not really share those feelings throughout the journey.

But I think some of it came may have out in my yarns for all to see.

Here they are completed in pecking order:

 Module One: The Call to Adventure.


Module Four: Meeting the Goddess


Module Five: The Boon 

Module Six: Magic Flight


Module Seven: Master of Two Worlds and the Freedom to Live 

  And you can see I really like that bowl!
If I have a favorite I would have to say it is Module1 because I was breaking out of the mold. Or maybe Module 2 because I so struggled with those coils. Or maybe it's Module 3 because I managed to blend color to match a scenic photo that reminded me of Starved Rock back home. Or even Module 4 because of the challenge of layers. Then Module 5 would be a favorite because I let go of the hoarded fiber and worked the entire yarn on a drop spindle (spun mostly at work I think) and then dyed it. Module 6 Because I had two visions and then the buttons nailed it for me. Module 7  has to be a favorite because I used all my newly acquired skills to produce a Mary Poppins yarn (practically perfectly and balanced).

Or maybe it really has to be Module 8 which holds them all.

Module Eight: Imparting Wisdom


I began with a little gold in the warp and for the center of the shield.

I began weaving with Module One and wove in succession

And here she is...my golden fleece! It took just over a year but I made it! Loaded with blood, sweat and tears...and texture.

I just want to say thank you to Suzy/ WoolWench and Arlene /Spin Artiste for taking me on this wonderful journey, I can't wait to hang the certificate next to my shield!
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